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The other roll from Lyon. August 2007.

Cla at the book market.

Jardin Rosa-Mir, La Croix-Rousse. The extraordinary work of a single man.

L’Odéon, a small theatre next to the bigger Roman Theatre.
This two theatres are on the hill of Fourvière.

Hi dear owner, if you ever think of selling your home, contact me.

Ruins of a roman spa in the backyard… not bad.

Wait wait wait wait, NOW!

Matthieu Bore Quartet, at the Péristyle.

The Roman Theatre. I used to go there in the morning and study math.
Slightly better than the Rhône as a place to study math, but most of the times I studied the theatre itself.


The Roman Theatre, again. What can I say? I like it.

The picture is awful, I shot too quickly when I was still moving, but I did because I feared I could miss the moment. I was making photos around the theatre and when the men saw me, one of them pulled up his shirt and started dancing. There were them working (and dancing) and me laughing and clapping hands. The main act for that day at the theatre!

A better picture, with a part of the Musée Gallo-Romain emerging from the slope. By the way, the museum was built by Bernard Zehrfuss (maybe more famous for its pavillion at La Défense), I visited it and I must say its a great architecture.

From Lyon… c’est tout.


These photos witnessed long discussions and long silences. No romance, but magic moments. Mola moments.

Some from April 2007:

And some from May 2007:

Via Ampere. Construction just begun here and continued with the crane shown here.