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Cla. ;-)

And a recent picture! This February.
One of the few good photos in the cheap roll I shot to try the old Zenit (with broken exposimeter).


I had some time for a quick scan.

Post for the sad ones.

September 2007.

I like cranes. I wouldn’t remove them and one day I’ll show you why. This one is placed exactly… here.

The familiar courtyard in Ripa di Porta Ticinese, Milano.


August 2007, my plants were sick because I was away and there was nobody looking after. When I came back home after some weeks I was sad for reasons similar to theirs: it felt almost automatic to take a few pictures of them.

This one is the most resistent. With no water and little light its leaves turned white and transparent, but it survived. Yeah.

This one didn’t make it. :( It was a bean Ophy brought me from China.

And here the white leaves.